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The Blue & White Loyalty Points Program was established to ensure Bulls fans and supporters are properly acknowledged for their longstanding support of UB Athletics. Loyalty Points provide a mechanism for prioritizing the distribution of game day benefits to all Blue & White Fund donors.

Loyalty points are used to allocate parking locations, post-season tickets (i.e. NCAA Tournament & Bowl Games) and season ticket relocation. Allocation of these benefits will be based on your donor rank within your respective gift level. The BWF can only allocate points to the donor whose name is on the corresponding account. Please make sure your season ticket and donor accounts have the most up-to-date contact information.

It is important to know that points are given to gifts paid-in-full (not on pledges) and only ACTIVE BWF donors are able to use their points. Donors are considered ACTIVE when they have made at least a single gift within the last 12 months. All past donors and season ticket holders are encouraged to make and increase their gifts to maximize their opportunities associated with Loyalty Points.

Gifts to the Blue & White Fund (per $100 – cumulative) 2 pts
Each Consecutive Year of Blue & White Fund Giving* 1 pt
Years as a Season Ticket Holder# 1 pt per year
University at Buffalo Graduate+ 5 pts
Former UB Student-Athlete% 10 pts

* Awarded each consecutive fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) of Blue & White Fund giving. If you do not renew your gift within the fiscal year all points in this category will start over.

# Awarded for each year an individual has purchased at least 1 season ticket in football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball. Tickets and donations must be in the same individual’s name or company’s name. Records are based on tickets purchased since 1999.

+ Any person who has earned a degree from the University at Buffalo, undergraduate or graduate. One bonus will be given regardless of the number of degrees you have earned.

% Any former student-athlete who competed on a varsity team.


Below is a sample calculation for Victor E. Bull:

UB Ties

Victor is a former UB student-athlete that graduated from the university 10 years ago. Victor has earned 10 points for being a former student-athlete and 5 points for graduating.

(15 points)

Blue & White Fund

Victor began contributing to the Blue & White Fund 5 years ago. He gave $250 each year for the first three years, and has given $500 for the last two years. Additionally, Victor gave $1,000 to the Blue & White Fund for the football locker room renovation project this past year. Victor has earned 34 points for his Blue & White Fund gifts ($1,750), 20 points for his gift to the locker room project ($1,000) and 5 points for consecutive giving to the Blue & White Fund.

(59 points)

Season Tickets

Victor has purchased football tickets for the last 8 years and men’s and women’s basketball season tickets for the last 5 years.

(13 points)

Victor E. Bull’s Loyalty Point Total: 87


The UB Men’s Basketball team wins the 2018 MAC Tournament and is going dancing for the third time in four years. UB Athletics is allotted 300 tickets by the NCAA for UB’s first round game, these tickets are locked in to a set price of $100.00 for the lower bowl and $76.00 for the upper bowl. This is considered the official “UB section” in the arena for all donors, alumni and fans. Securing seats through UB Athletics avoids the frustration, randomness and inflated prices of the secondary ticket market.

UB Athletics receives 925 ticket requests from athletics donors, alumni and fans. In order to allocate these 300 tickets in a fair, clear and accurate manner the Blue & White Fund then refers to their LOYALTY POINT RANK for ticket allocation. Out of the 925 ticket requests. Not everyone who has requested tickets has a LOYALTY POINT RANK and that does not necessarily eliminate them from receiving tickets, but if there are at least 300 individuals who have requested tickets who do have a LOYALTY POINT RANK then the individuals with a LOYALTY POINT RANK will receive priority, thus eliminating the individuals who do not have a LOYALTY POINT RANK.

In this case, the LOYALTY POINT RANK cut off was the donor ranked #587. That means everyone with a ranking of 587 or above received tickets for the NCAA first and second rounds with the option to purchase a maximum of two seats in the official UB section. Everyone without a LOYALTY POINT RANK or with a ranking below #587 were not granted the opportunity to purchase tickets through UB Athletics.

The LOYALTY POINT formula is described just as it sounds, individuals are rewarded for consecutive year gifts to the Blue & White Fund, total years as a basketball or football season ticket holder and awarded for giving more to advancing the athletics mission. Of course, fittingly enough UB graduates of all levels as well as former student-athletes are awarded through their one time bonuses.