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The Bulls Legacy Program recognizes a distinguished group of donors who have a common belief in the principle of preserving the uniquely broad-based athletics program at the University at Buffalo. Through the generosity of their gifts, these individuals have insured, in perpetuity, the unique opportunity to experience what it means to compete as a student-athlete and proudly wear the blue and white for our university.

The University at Buffalo Athletic department is constantly striving to create opportunities for our more than 400 student-athletes. Each year, our department helps to fund the equivalent of more than 250 full scholarships. An endowed scholarship represents one way where you, the donor, can help ensure transformational opportunities for our student-athletes generation after generation.

Endowed scholarships are created through the establishment of a permanent fund that is in turn, invested and managed by the UB Foundation. A portion of the annual interest income generated by this fund is used to pay for scholarships. Income earned in excess of the annual amount is added back into the endowment so that it continues to grow and maintain its purchasing power for future generations.

By allowing us to invest our resources in areas of need outside of tuition, room, and board, endowments provide the stability necessary for the future success of our athletic department.

There are many ways to establish an endowment; cash, stocks and planned gifts, such as charitable trusts and bequests, are all common ways to fund an endowment. Charitable annuities, real estate gifts and life insurance policies are other forms of giving. Your gift may reduce taxes due on your income, capital gain, and estate settlements. Substantial advantages also are available through donations of property or appreciated securities. When you make a gift, it can either be outright or deferred (through a bequest or will). Either way, your contribution, when received, establishes a legacy of annual gifts that help us well into the future.

For information about how to create a named scholarship in men’s or women’s athletics, how to contribute to an established endowment, or the general athletics endowment, please call 716-645-6867 and ask to speak to a member of the Major Gifts staff.

  • 1958 Lambert Cup Football Team 2009

  • Richard I. Anslow 2009

  • Robert G. and Gloria L. Biedenkopf 1993

  • Buffalo Renaissance Foundation 2009

  • Joseph F. Ceravolo 2008

  • Jack “Bear” Dempsey 2012

  • Raymond and Pamela Deters 2012

  • Willie R. and Roberta A. Evans 2009

  • Michele Fisher 2003

  • Richard E. and Doris Friend 1998

  • Brian M. Hansen 2011

  • Ellen and James Heitzhaus 2011

  • Eye Family in Memory of Ernie Kiefer 2010

  • Stan and Sandy Kowalski 2011

  • Donald L. and Karen M. Maricle 2009

  • Richard I. Mulvey 2011

  • Edwin D. and Evelyn E. Muto 2010

  • Louis R. and Nancy C. Reif 1994

  • Robert E. Rich, Sr. 1991

  • Ronald W. Schlenker, Sr. 2001

  • Richard C. and Kathleen M. Shepard 2000

  • Dr. Charles S. and Anne R. Tirone 2009

  • Rocco L. and Cecile P. Versace 2010

  • Arthur W. Woelfle, Jr. 1994

  • James R. and Linda E. Wolfe 2009

If you’re interested in establishing an endowment, please contact:

Bill Breene

Associate Director of Development

Bill Breene joined the University at Buffalo Division of Athletics in 1988 as the Director of Athletics Development, and was given the responsibility of initiating a donor program specific to athletics as part of an aggressive move from a Division III non-scholarship program to today’s status as one of the premier Division I-A programs in the State of New York. He has served in a number of administrative capacities, and has been instrumental in the overall development and growth of the UB program…

  • (716) 645-6808

  • breene@buffalo.edu