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In an effort to recognize the extraordinary efforts of a truly iconic coach, Swimming & Diving alumni from all generations, along with the Division of Athletics,  have come together to permanently display former Head Coach, Dorsi Raynolds’ name where it belongs – in the UB Natatorium.

Coach Raynolds’ legacy will live on for generations to come with the naming of the “Dorsi Raynolds Competition Pool” and remain a fixture to the program that she helped develop during her tenure from 1992-2005.


“For those of you who did not know Dorsi, her energy and love of life went unmatched. Not a day goes by when we don’t think about her.

Her teachings about mindfulness and the way she encouraged us to ‘drive our own bus’ were as much part of our training as how to pace the 500 or get off the block faster in the 50 free.

Dorsi opened our eyes to the fact that we were in control of our own destinies. Bottom line, she was special both to the swimming and diving programs as well as the entire UB community.”

UB Swimming & Diving Alumni

Dorsi Raynolds