Buffalo Introduces Bricks for Bulls Campaign

UB Alumni, fans and supporters can show their campus pride and create a lasting legacy with the brand new Bricks for Bulls campaign. We invite you to etch your name into history by securing a personalize brick on the new Stampede Plaza – located on the North end of UB Stadium, near the Murchie Family Fieldhouse.

“Creating a successful culture of philanthropy is dependent on donors of all ranges and this brick campaign provides the opportunity for everyone to be a part of something special,” said UB Athletic Director Allen Greene. “Alumni, fans and community members are encouraged to be part of this unique moment in UB history by leaving their imprint.”

Stampede Plaza will serve as a unique passageway that will celebrate our rich heritage, while shaping the future of UB for decades to come.

Commemorative bricks serve as perfect gifts, dedications and celebrations of UB memories! It’s a fantastic way to celebrate holidays, graduations, birthdays, or any special occasion.

“I love that we will have a permanent opportunity for all our alumni, friends and family across the world to show their Bulls pride!” said Kristin Woods, Assistant VP for Alumni Engagement.

For more information about the Bricks for Bulls campaign, visit BricksForBulls.com or call 1-833-551-5702.

You can choose from four brick styles:

4X8 Brick – $125
8X8 Brick – $175
8X8 Logo Brick – $225
12X12 Logo Brick – $1000

*In addition to purchasing a personalized brick in Stampede Plaza, you can also purchase replica bricks, display cases and gift certificates.

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