Division Of Athletics Announces Second Wave Of Crowdfunding

BUFFALO, NY – After a successful first run that saw all sport projects get fully funded, the Division of Athletics has announced a second crowdfunding campaign that will focus on Women’s Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming & Diving, and Rowing. Crowdfunding offers our donors, alumni and fans a new avenue to provide direct support to our teams and what is most meaningful to them.

The following sites have been launched on the second wave and the Horns Up home page continues to have all of the projects listed:

Horns Up Home Page – https://www.ubhornsup.com/
Women’s Basketball – https://www.ubhornsup.com/WBB
Swimming and Diving – https://www.ubhornsup.com/swimdive
Wrestling – https://www.ubhornsup.com/wrestling
Rowing – https://www.ubhornsup.com/rowing

Crowdfunding also assists our student-athletes and coaches achieve their philanthropic goals in our quest to bring a consistent championship culture to UB both academically and athletically. It will take a championship commitment on the part of many people. We hope you will be part of this commitment and join our team. TOGETHER we can do great things. WE ARE THE BULLS – Horns Up!

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